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This is my Bill Nash Gibson Les Paul Conversion Information Page.

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Nash LP6 (in the video above) is a Gibson Les Paul Standard w/60s neck. Originally a "faded Honeyburst" Bill has converted it to a gorgeous Lemon Burst Flametop. DiMarzio Bluesbucker in the neck with cool split coil option: with the Neck Tone Control on 10 it's a single coil. Roll it down to 8 and it's humbucking. The single coil effect is also present in the Middle position. Authentic single coil tone and feel. DiMarzio Air Norton in the bridge.

Nash LP23 (in the video above) is a Gibson Les Paul Standard w/60s neck. Bill has retained the Cherry Burst and aged it beautifully. Both pickups have the split coil option. DiMarzio Bluesbucker in the neck and DiMarzio Air Norton in the bridge. Authentic single coil tone and feel.

Bill Nash '58-'60 Les Paul Conversions

Bill "caves in" to overwhelming demand for Les Paul Conversions!

Not content to merely age these actual Gibson Les Paul guitars, he completely strips them down to the bare wood and creates a masterpiece of look, feel and tone. In Bill's own words:

The first step is to completely disassemble and separate the parts that will be aged and re-used, from the parts that we reject and replace. The "keeper" parts are then aged.

The finish, which is sometimes rather thick, is stripped off down to the bare wood. At this point some get stains applied, if required, to get the desired color. Then the guitar gets re-finished in 100% nitrocellulose lacquer, keeping it as thin as possible to enable superior resonance. We do a variety of takes on the lemon, cherry, faded, un-burst, plain and gold top looks.

After curing, the guitar gets the complete aging treatment and then frets are re-worked and dressed to our specs, then we are ready for re-assembly.

The pickups are replaced with what many of you may balk at as there are so many opinions about Les Paul pickups and tone out there. As always, I simply build a guitar that I would use and leave it at that. So, in my arsenal of personal guitars, my favorite and most versatile LP setup is using a DiMarzio Bluesbucker in the Neck and a DiMarzio Air Norton in the Bridge.

We re-wire the guitar so the pickups breathe better as well as use the neck pickup's tone control as a coil tap for the Bluesbucker, which gives you an amazing strat-like sound from that pickup. Between 1 and 8 on the tone knob it works as a regular tone control, between 9 and 10 it shuts off the second/dummy coil. This gives you a tap without adding switches or push pull pots.

The Air Norton gives you bigger output and rich harmonics without going over the top into the tone spectrum of faceless, modern, high output sound that so many specialized humbuckers are susceptible to. These pickups have a lower string pull and a much higher sensitivity to your dynamics and playing style.

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